The tools you always use in your house

by Anthony on

A tool chest always has to start with a little investment. You can buy these tools bit by bit until you have a full stock. As a reminder, no experienced DIYER’s kit is always complete without the tools from the starter and semi-skilled collections.One can fix almost everything using the following:
1. Tape measure
You need it to measure anything. You can measure a wall’s length, width etc. using this tool. You will learn that 2 by 6 inches is not the same as when you use a tape measure. A tape measure is easily available and cheap to acquire. It is durable and reliable
2. Screwdriver Set
This is a collection of screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes. They can be used to tighten cabinet hardware, crack open the cover of metal paint cans etc. The 10-peace set contains Phillips-head sizes and common slotted ones.
3. A Hammer
This is a tool used to drive and remove nails from solid objects. A 16-ounce smooth-faced claw hammer got a good mix of versatility and heft for hitting nails into solid objects like walls etc. Hammers are unbreakable and very durable. They are easily available and affordable in tool stores.
4. Toolbox
This is a box used to carry tools like hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures etc. There are metal and wooden toolboxes. This keeps tools organized and easily available when needed. It also helps to keep them safe from theft, getting lost and rustingA toolbox has an opener and a lock which securely keep tools together and safe. A removable tray is good for assorted fasteners.
5. Flashlight
A rechargeable flashlight is a quite convenient tool that you leave plugged in. A well recharged flashlight can last for 100000 hours and help one up to eight hours of light per charge.
6. Duct Tape
This helps to fix broken stuff in the house. It is super sticky and can fix almost anything and is relatively thicker. It can fix many things like broken buckets, broken glass but not ducts.
7. Utility Knife
A knife can be used to cut things and open cans too. A sharp knife can be used to trim a carpet, removing dry paint etcA knife is always an important tool in the house. It is also durable and affordable.
8. Combination Square
This is a tool used to verify 90 degrees and 45 degrees angles for miter cuts. It can also be used to measure short distances and depths. Some people use it to scribe straight lines.
9. Adjustable crescent wrench
This tool is very important and is used to turn nuts and tighten them. It is relatively easy to use since it can be adjusted according to the size of the nut. It gives the best grip and can also be used by plumbers to fix pipes.
10. Power-drill
This is an electrically powered drill used to make holes when connected to a power source. It is luxurious to use especially when one has gotten tired by using other tools. One uses less muscle to make holes, big and small holes. One has to be careful when using it especially when the fastener is tight to stop stripping the screw head. One should not skimp it too.